bike tracker

A small black box for your needs

BizDev & Strategy finalized an agreement with an European Hardware manifacturer for a production of small devices to be used as tracker for bikes, pets and other small appliance you may want to track.

We are addressing insurance, telecommunication, good protection companies in order to design new product to deliver to the market.

The device is very innovative has long battery power, is well optimized in term of  data it exchanges with its back end and service centre.

Ask us for a demo or the device itself, ios or android App and the service centrre.


Your Cloud

There are a lot of quite serious and important security and privacy concerns surrounding our current notion of the concept of cloud computing – which is generally understood to be computing infrastructure and services offered to domestic and business users through data centres that are physically located and based somewhere outside of our homes or offices.

Private Planet is a Cloud services offered and managed by your telecommunication provider

You can see more on how to get your own Private Planet and offer to your customer.